DeKorte Shorebird Pools Will Remain Low!

Although we tried especially hard to get water levels down in the Shorebird Pool in time for Kevin Karlson Day, the larger goal is to provide mudflats to give migrating shorebirds a place to feed or chill out on their long journey south.

Rain not withstanding, we hope to have water levels in the Shorebird Pool lower for the coming week and beyond — great for bird-watching.

One thought on “DeKorte Shorebird Pools Will Remain Low!

  1. mike magnifico

    Grounds crew @ DeKorte,
    Please empty the garbage cans (by the bench & near the flags)that are overflowing on the Saw Mill Trail. When I walk every day I pick up as much garbage as I can & deposit in blue g-cans.
    Appreciate it…..Mike


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