Tuesday Teaser: 083011

Someone asked us recently how many species of birds on the state's Threatened and Endangered lists nest in the Meadowlands. Do you know how many, and what species?

What about nesting species on the state's list of birds of Special Concern? (Another  nesting species was added this summer.) Do you know how many, and which species?

Answer, and our eternal admiration to whoever gets it right, tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: 083011

  1. Fred Virrazzi

    This is a great question Jim. I have been working on reports and projects that ask these types of things so have been
    looking at these lists for 24 months. The Special Concern and Regional Priority Bird Species are also important to note when seen for several reasons.
    Noting the E, T, SC, RP and common species makes areas like the NJ Meadowlands important assets.
    On a side note I had 3 storm petrels in the Meadowlands Sunday AM and hope to send the pixs to you.
    Well here is my attempt to list all the T, E, SC and RP species of the NJ Meadowlands. Advise any developments/corrections.
    tks Fred Virrazzi
    T and E Bird Breeding Species of the Meadowlands
    Pied-billed Grebe
    Least Tern
    Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
    Black-crowned Night-Heron
    American Bittern (suspected breeding, but area has noise pollution)
    N. Harrier
    Peregrine Falcon
    Savannah Sparrow
    Short-eared Owl (Extirpated)
    Special Concern and Regional Priority Species of the NJ Meadowlands
    Least Bittern SC
    All the herons not T and E are either SC or RP (most/all not breeders)
    American Kestrel SC
    Virginia Rail RP
    Willet RP (extirpated?)
    Spotted Sandpiper SC
    American Woodcock RP
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo RP
    Barn Owl is SC but should be T
    Eastern Kingbird RP
    N. Flicker RP
    Common Nighthawk SC (Extirpated?)
    Willow Flycatcher RP
    Horned Lark SC (is it still there?)
    Marsh Wren RP
    Gray Catbird RP
    Brown Thrasher RP
    Blue-headed Vireo SC
    Indigo Bunting RP
    Seaside Sparrow RP
    Salt Marsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow RP

  2. Jim Wright

    Wow, Fred. I am posting a list tomorrow that does not include Regional Priority birds.
    You will be happy to hear we had successful Common Nighthawk nest this summer…


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