Tuesday’s Bird Cruise: The Full List

As promised, here's a full list of the birds we saw on our Tuesday Birding Cruise, sponsored by the NJMC and BCAS. We had 38+ species in all, including some real beauts.

Full list follows, with pix of Laughing Gull (in Sawmill) and Caspian Terns (in the Anderson Creek Marsh). 

Tue   Aug   23,   2011   10:00   AM
Comments: This   was   a   birding   cruise   sponsored   by   the   NJ   Meadowlands   Commission   and   Bergen   County   Audubon   Society

38  species


Canada   Goose
American   Black   Duck         
Double-crested   Cormorant     IMG_7554
Great   Blue   Heron    
Great   Egret
Snowy   Egret 
Black-crowned   Night-Heron  
Yellow-crowned   Night-Heron
Turkey   Vulture         
Red-tailed   Hawk
Peregrine   Falcon
Common Raven
Clapper   Rail
Common Gallinule
Semipalmated   Plover
Greater   Yellowlegs   
Lesser   Yellowlegs IMG_7540
Semipalmated   Sandpiper
Spotted Sanpiper
Stilt Sandpiper
Least   Sandpiper
Laughing   Gull
Ring-billed   Gull
Herring   Gull
Great   Black-backed   Gull
Least   Tern   
Caspian   Tern
Forster's   Tern
Rock   Pigeon
Mourning   Dove
Barn   Swallow
Northern   Mockingbird
European   Starling
Yellow   Warbler
Red-winged   Blackbird
House   Sparrow

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