A Memorable Bird Fest Saturday

Tons of great birds at the Meadowlands Festival of Birding today — including the American Avocet at Harrier Meadow, a Bald Eagle over the former Kingsland Landfill, Ospreys, Kestrels, Sharpies and more.

The first bird banded this morning? A Gray-cheeked Thrush.

The first bird that keynote speaker and legendary bird-chaser Sandy Komito ever chased? An American Avocet.

We will post the full festival list in the upcoming week, plus some photos of the best of the banded birds.

One thought on “A Memorable Bird Fest Saturday

  1. Mike G.

    Nice camera shot, Jim. You get to see the Avocet standing next to a Greater Yellowlegs and get some of idea of the relative size and beak shapes.


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