Amazing Gull Rescue!


The Meadowlands Commission has made some daring bird rescues in the past, but Kirk Weber, one of the guides on our pontoon boat cruises, may have won top prize on Tuesday evening.

DSCN0210-1 His boat was headed along the Hackensack River when someone noticed a gull stuck to a piling.

Annette Hergert of Westfield was on the cruise with her husband and a camera, and she sent Kirk several photos.

Kirk describes her as "a great lady and far and away the strongest proponent of the rescue effort."

The story, more photos, and links to earlier rescues follow.

The skipper of the boat, Reggie Rachumi, maneuvered the boat so that Kirk could climb the pole. 

Kirk shinnied up the piling and freed the bird…

Kirk explains: "As you know, the gulls and cormorants perch on those old pilings regularly. The inside was largely rotted out and there were several large gaps in the outer 'rim' of the piling.

"He must have simply slipped while standing on top of it. His foot was stuck on the inside and everything else was on the outside. I actually had to grab his leg and lift him up about a foot or so.

"The reason I was hanging from the piling was because the boat had started to drift away before I was able to get back on. In effect it was a dual rescue."


Thanks, Annette, Kirk and Reggie!  Great job.

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