DeKorte Butterflies

We continue to get good butterflies at DeKorte, including the Question  Mark above, photographed yesterday along with many other sIMG_9978-1pecies, including the Eastern Tailed Blue at left.

We say this as a reminder that Meadowlands Festival of Birding on Saturday includes a Butterfly walk at DeKorte from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

To give you an idea of what has been around: Vinny Corsello of the North Jersey Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association visitied DeKorte on Aug. 29 and came up with 21 species.

Full list follows. (Thanks, Vinny!)

Richard W. DeKorte Park,Lyndhurst,NJ
(Bergen County)    8-29-2011

Cabbage White (19)
Orange Sulphur (7)
Eastern Tailed-Blue (10)
American Snout (1)
Pearl Crescent (9)
Question Mark (2)
Eastern Comma (3)
Mourning Cloak (1)
Painted Lady (2)
Red Admiral (3)
Common Buckeye (3)
Viceroy (1)
Monarch (13)
Silver-spotted Skipper (3)
Horaces's Duskywing (1)
Wild Indigo Duskywing (9)
Common Checkered-Skipper (3)
Least Skipper (2)
Fiery Skipper (1)
Sachem (3)
Broad-winged Skipper (1)

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