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Common Buckeye, DeKorte Park

Oct 6_Butterfly Common Buckeye_0309SM-1
Regina Geoghan got this shot of a Common Buckeye at the Jill Ann Ziemkiewicz Memorial Butterfly Garden at DeKorte yesterday afternoon.

Beautiful butterfly, still around at a time we are seeing mostly Monarchs, sulphurs and Cabbage Whites…  (Thanks, Regina!)


Banded Northern Harrier: Amazing Looks

Last week, a Northern Harrier chased a Palm Warbler into one of the N.J. Meadowlands Commission's mist net. NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse, who runs the commission's bird-banding research, and his crew of volunteers banded the bird and allowed us to take several close-ups of this charismatic bird.

IMG_9912We thought we would share a few here. We will show more at the Montclair Bird Club next week. More details are here

  In case you are wondering, this first-year bird had a wing length of 320mm. The weight was literally off the scales.

More photos follow.

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