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Laurel Hill Snow Goose

IMG_8904 We had this Snow Goose by XChange Place in Secaucus on Sunday at the First-Sunday walk.

Julie McCall saw it in Laurel Hill Park and watched it fly next door. As Julie points out: "Ray Duffy had a Snow Goose at Laurel Hill on 9/22. If it's the same one – I would assume that it is – that's 10 days… Maybe it will go for the Avocet's record? 😉 "

Note: We saw it on a Monday pontoon boat trip, too.

Sunday’s Laurel Hill Walk: The Full List

We had a great walk at Laurel Hill on Sunday, which beautiful weather, some truly eagle-eyed birders and looks at six (count 'em, six) Bald Eagles and lots of other raptor action.

IMG_8946Also had a couple of Ravens and plent of jets, for you football fans out there.

  The shot at left is of three of the eagles heading off into the distance, Just to see three eagles in a pair of binocular's field of vision is a rare treat.

Tomorrow: The Harrier Meadow list from yesterday.

Full list of 34 species seen follows. (Thanks to Julie McCall for her help in compiling this list!)

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Tuesday Teaser 100411

This is a tricky butterfly ID because the angle ain't great, but that's the only shot we could get.

This butterfly has been seen by others at DeKorte, but not by us. This guy was on a Butterfly Bush at the new garden donated by Bergen County Audubon Society.

Probably have to wait till next year for a shot of one that's not so chewed up.

Can you ID this butterfly?