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Our Latest Post on wildnewjersey.tv

IMG_9894 Our latest "Focus on the Meadowlands" post on wildnewjersey.tv features a close-up of a Northern Harrier's eye (taken at the N.J. Meadowlands Commission's bird-banding station, a preview of the NJMC's soon-to-open riverside park and launch ramp, plus a shot of an Osprey chowing down on a fish.

Link is here. We will be posting an array of close-ups of this stunning young harrier this Friday on this blog.

Sunday’s Harrier Meadow Bonus Walk: The List

We had a quick bonus walk on Sunday to Harrier Meadow to see the American Avocet — at that point it had been there for 35 days. We got nice looks at the avocet (above, photographed on Sunday), and saw plenty of other birds, including three Bald Eagles.

When we told one birder/photographer who was intent on the a that an adult Bald eagle was soaring directly above, her replied: "To heck with the eagle — we've got an avocet here."

We believe that's call an embarrassment of riches.

The walk was sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society.

(P.S.: The avocet is still there.)

Full list is below.

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