Daily Archives: October 25, 2011

Don Torino on ‘The Big Year’

P1010262Don Torino's latest column for wildnewjersey.tv is about the movie "The Big Year" and features several Mike Malzone photos from the Meadowlands.

Here's a sample of the column: "In the movie, the characters are not only trying to win the Big Year competition, but are also going through their own personal life crises.  Through it all there was still the birds.  Isn’t that what birding is really about? 

"Memories of birding with our friends, taking our children or grandchildren out birding for the first time, helping someone find that rare bird that becomes etched in their minds forever. 

"Birding helps everyone who has come to love and enjoy it have a 'Big Day,' or for some a 'Big Year,' but much more than that it gives all people that love nature, and especially birds, a chance to have a 'Big Life'."

The link is here.

Tuesday Teaser 102511

We saw this sparrow on our Losen Slote Park walk in Little Ferry, and we think we know what kind it is — thanks to Denise Farrell of Bergen County Audubon Society and her trusty sparrow ID book.

What do you think it is?