Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Quick DeKorte Update


Did a quick walk along the Marsh Discovery Trail this afternoon.

Mudflats have been exposed the IMG_9695-1past few days, with yellowlegs, egrets and Great Blue Herons feeding in the shallows.

Shovelers and Green-winged Teal
are here in good numbers.

Also had a Peregrine fly-over, plus a Common Buckeye and a few Monarchs. (And another Bald Eagle flying over Disposal Road.)

Will see how things shape up after Thursday's rains.

Bald Eagle near DeKorte

We saw an adult Bald Eagle yesterday morning by DeKorte Park, and also perched on a distant landfill.

The eagle did not fly close enough for a photo, but it turns out that Roy Woodford sure was in the right place at the right time with the right camera and lens. (Thanks, Roy!)

Coincidentally, NJMC staffer Jim Wright's column in The South Bergenite tomorrow is on … how the Meadowlands is home to more and more Bald Eagle sightings.