Don Torino’s Latest Column: Bald Eagles

Don Torino, a friend of this blog, wrote his latest column for on the return of the Bald Eagle.

Link is here.

2 thoughts on “Don Torino’s Latest Column: Bald Eagles

  1. Fred

    Hello, Have the Bald Eagles retuned back to the Dekote wildlife center area, Tower road, Bell pike kearny marsh. I remeber many yrs back kearny marsh was like visiting Brox zoo, wood duck, green wing teal, blue wing teal , Pand a dozen other duck specices, Marsh birds purple galaoe many hawks , But often wonder what or how many different ducks are there winter and summer , same with marsh birsd. And now the never would think Blad Eagle, Have begun to show up in the area from kearny to the wildlife ctr.


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