Bald Eagle Report

Mike Britt writes:  "An adult Bald Eagle was at Mill Creek Point earlier this afternoon. I have found that the eagles  in the Hackensack Meadows range as far south as Newark & New York Bays in Bayonne…hunting fish, waterfowl, and gulls."  Interesting to know. (Thanks, Mike!)

One thought on “Bald Eagle Report

  1. Fred

    Yes, indeed interesting to know, I hope more folks give Bald Eagles daily various locations of them, This will be helpful for people like me and others who never saw a bald Eagle flying around the NJM Dekote wildlife ctr, and or by tower road, or pipe line road etc.It must be a sight to see. Oh And thank you all for all the waterfowl pictures and of other marsh birds, It nice to see these pictures, Since many times do too my health unable to attend the walk. But I look forward to near future ones.


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