Transco Trail Closings (Sorry about this!)

Due to circumstances beyond the NJMC's control, please be advised that the entire Transco Trail (from Disposal Road to the Western Spur of the Turnpike) will be closed from Friday, March 23, until June 30.

Work on the pipeline is scheduled to take place 10 hours a day – six days a week (Monday – Saturday).

Williams (Transco Pipeline) is conducting a pressure test of the natural-gas pipeline. The contractor is installing construction fencing this week and we will post the appropriate signage as reminders.

Please do not enter the construction site. Proceed with caution when entering and leaving the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve and when entering the southern end of DeKorte Park.

During this time, you can only enter and exit the Marsh Discovery Trail from the main entrance (by the guard booth).  There will only be one way in and out, you will not be able to complete the loop. The trail will be blocked/closed where it meets Transco Trail.

Trucks and equipment will be entering and exiting these areas frequently.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. E-mail jim.wright (at) if you have questions.

7 thoughts on “Transco Trail Closings (Sorry about this!)

  1. julie

    Will it still be possible to cross the Transco to get to the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve, as it was once in the past, by any chance?

  2. jim wright

    It is my understanding that we will be able to access the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve — just have to be careful crossiong the Transco Trail… “Proceed with caution when entering and leaving the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve,” as the note from our grounds crew says…

  3. form 2290

    I sure hope the trail can withstand all those heavy vehicles and equipment. Otherwise, more time would have to be spent repairing the trail itself.


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