Don Torino Column on Butterfly Day

IMG_2817Don Torino's latest column for is on Butterfly Day — this Sunday, July 22, at DeKorte Park.

Writes Don:

"Butterflies have come to signify many things in different cultures; from a time of transition in one’s life to a symbol of the soul.

"But butterflies are also a sign of a healthy environment, one free of pesticides and rich in biodiversity.

"A prime example of a vigorous healthy butterfly habitat is DeKorte Park in the Meadowlands. DeKorte, the flagship of all the parks within the meadowlands district, is a wonderful model of many diverse healthy habitats and countless native plants that benefit the butterflies.

"Since the Meadowlands have become cleaner with restoration by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, DeKorte Park, is becoming a hot spot for avid butterfly watchers from all over the state."

The link is here.

One thought on “Don Torino Column on Butterfly Day

  1. kc

    Nice photos. I’ve never seen a young Spotted Snadpiper or even a photo of one. Great capture with the insect.


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