New Butterflies for DeKorte!

07-22-12 horace's duskywing(1)
We had two new butterflies for DeKorte Park at Butterfly Day — the Meadow Fritillary and Horace's Duskywing (above). 

(Thanks to Julie McCall for the photo, and a thank you to Fred Weber, Wendy Rufo and Deedee Burnside for offering Horace's Duskywing photos as well.)

Still trying to get a Meadow Fritillary photo….

In addition to the fritillary, a Eastern Tailed-Blue (below) was caught by a camera only — thanks to Geri Kratina.

It was terrifice to see so many folks with cameras on Sunday. We believe that digital cameras have been key in increasing the popularity of butterfly-watching. You can capture their beauty and enjoy trying to identify them.

The official North American Butterfly Association list for DeKorte Park is here.


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