More About that Banded Peregrine!

Two weeks ago, we posted an item about spotting a banded Peregrine on a former landfill in Rutherford.

We got close enough to photograph both the bird and the band, and sent the info along to our banding experts. We got a nifty reply from Christopher A. Nadareski,  Section Chief, NYC Environmental Protection:

"Great news! One of three I banded at the Met Life Building on 5/12/2012.  Her FWS band is: 1947-03231.  Had two siblings (one male and one female)."

More information follows.

We thought it was pretty neat that an enadngered bird that was banded on the MetLife Building in Midtown Manhattan was foraging near MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands.

A quick look at a map (above) shows the two buildings are not all that far apart.


More info on the tagged Great Egret spotted the same day is here.

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