Wing-tagged Kestrel Part 2: The Update

American-kestrel-Falco-sparverius-greg-gard-20120822-_B4A4701-2 copy
Greg Gard writes:

"Here are a couple of photographs taken on Disposal Road Wednesday morning. 

"I found there a cooperative American Kestrel who didn't mind my presence and was actively hunting and consuming his food near me.

"At one point  a Red-tailed Hawk flew to close to "Kestrel's" territory and all of a sudden he was surrounded by 5 American Kestrels.

They flew in circles for about 2 minutes attacking the Red-tailed Hawk.

"Later on, I saw Kestrels perched along the Disposal Road on either black pipes or trees. One of the Kestrels had an orange tag #9 on his wing."

(Thanks, Greg!)
American-kestrel-Falco-sparverius-greg-gard-20120822-_MG_9594 copy


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