Remembering Sept. 11 — an Informal Gathering Tonight

Tonight around 8 p.m., a few folks are planning an informal, unofficial gathering in the Visitors Parking Lot at DeKorte to look at the Twin Beams of Light in Lower Manhattan.

Mike Maddaloni writes:

"Thursday night I stayed a bit after dark, chatting with a few other photogs, and lo and behold I saw a sliver of light in the sky.

"We waited until it got darker, and sure enough they were testing the  beams; they seemed a bit duller than usual so I'm holding out till Tuesday for a proper shoot. But I was able to test it, and with the still water from the parking area, its a GREAT spot, reflection in the water, the turnpike really doesn't do much damage to the shot.

"I'm looking forward to gathering with whoever wants for as long as we're permitted Tuesday night."  (Thanks, Mike!)

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