Visit the Top of the former Kingsland Landfill!

DSCN9982-001The Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society are pleased to announce the first-ever (that we know of) open-to-the-public event for birding and photography atop of the former Kingsland Landfill adjacent to Disposal Road.

IMG_0848-001The event is from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 24, with a rain date of Thursday, Oct. 25, same hours. 

The landfill, remediated last year, is a prime-time spot for raptors. We counted 12 American Kestrels perched atop or along Kingsland last Friday, and Peregrines and Merlins and Northern Harriers are seen frequently. We are talking about terrific, prolonged views at times. (Plus umpteen Pine Siskins the past week or so.)

A couple of recent posts by photographers will give you an idea of what's being seen from down below on the legendary Disposal Road. 

Links are here and here.

Note: There's no guarantee the raptors will be flying that day but it's worth a shot.  And could also be cold and windy, so be forewarned.)

More information (including how to register) follows.

The landfill also provides some amazing elevated views to the south and east (see top photo, taken last Friday).

We will try to carpool, using larger vehicles that must stay on the road. Once we park, you will be able to walk on the landfill.

Because of the nature of the events, availability is limited to the first 12 folks who e-mail Jim Wright [jim.wright (at)].

If you have not yet signed a 2012 liability waiver, please bring a signed waiver with you. You can download one at the upper left-hand column of this blog.

We are giving the folks who follow this blog first crack at the event as a way of thanking you for your support. (We hope you'll share some of your photos and thoughts about the event.)

Hope to see you next Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Visit the Top of the former Kingsland Landfill!

  1. Mike G.

    We were all hoping that this day would happen. It’s been quite the topic on Disposal Road conversation for months now. 🙂

  2. Jim Wright

    This event was the idea of the NJMC’s Executive Director, Marcia Karrow. We hope to have more in the future if all goes well.


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