Vote: Duck Stamp Paintings by Young Local Artists

Duck stamp logoThe Wetlands Institute's New Jersey Junior Duck Stamp Contest had 36 winner statewide — including 11 from North Jersey.

All 33 are on display through the end of January in the Flyway Gallery in the Meadowlands Environment Center, but we thought we'd give you a preview of the ones from North Jersey — and a chance for you to let us know which ones you like best.

The link to the current National Junior Duck Stamp contest is here. Link to the Wetlands Institute's Duck stamp webpage is here.

Please post your vote for first (and second and third place if you like) by posting by the illustration number in the comments section below, or email Jim Wright at

Remember: All 11 were among the top 30 in the entire state, so you are voting for the best of the best.  Congrats to all of our local artists!

The 11 from North Jersey follow, in no particular order (so as not to influence your vote!).

1. Female Mallard and ducklings.


2. Eider couple.

3. Female Black Duck flying.

4. Wood Duck Drakes.

5. Canvasback.

6. Wood Duck Drake and female.

7. Buddflehead female.


8. Wood duck drake and female.

9. Ring-necked Ducks.

10. Wood Duck drake.

RICOHC550PRO15511. Hooded Merganser Drake and female.


2 thoughts on “Vote: Duck Stamp Paintings by Young Local Artists

  1. Mary K

    They are all fantastic. I like #10 for first place, #3 for second place and I was pretty much tied with #7,5 and #2. Very hard to choose. But my heart kinda goes with #7 for 3rd place.


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