Looking Back: April 2012

Copy of IMG_9450-001The year 2012 in the Meadowlands marked the opening of River Barge Park in Carlstadt, Butterfly Day and Moth Night, lots of great nature sightings, our continued partnership with Bergen County Audubon Society, and (alas) Hurricane Sandy.

We thought we'd remember 2012 by looking back, month by month.

Here are some highlights from April (click on text to see the full post):

April 5: More 'Mazin' Meadowlands Mammals

April 9: Meadowlands Birds Checklist Online

April 12: Jeff Nicol's Meadowlands Photos20120420-DSC_1458

April 13: Little Blue @ Harrier Meadow

April 18: The Ultimate Tree Swallow Nesting Box

April 21: Horned Grebe and Snowy Egret Pix (Roy Woodford's photo is at right)

April 23: Not Just Another Pretty Face Part II

April 27: Kearny Marsh Report (Ron Shields' photo is above)

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