More Eerie Meadowlands Finds

Although Hurricane Sandy turned up some pretty weird detritus, we're not sure that the new stuff is in the same league with some of the strange dolls and doll parts that we have found in the Meadowlands in the past five years.

They pretty much look the same as the day we found them, only dryer.

What does this have to do with the nature of the Meadowlands, you ask? The nature of the Meadowlands is that you never know what kind of stuff discarded by fellow humans will wash up on our mud flats and in our marshes.

Here are the top five collectible floatables. (And, no, they are not for sale.)
We believe this doll was known as a Phragmites Patch Kid.

Photos of three more dolls follow.

"Toy Story" doll with prized Meadowlands patina.

This little guy appears to have been targeted by barnacles or something, but its toes remain beautiful.

Don't know where to begin with this one…

5 thoughts on “More Eerie Meadowlands Finds

  1. frank furter

    These posts are great. They definitely speak to the uniqueness of the Meadowlands. Have you had many offers to buy? Will these items be on display at any point? They are artistic, eerie and funny.


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