Don Torino’s Column on Common Redpolls

Don Torino's latest column on is on the Common Redpolls seen at Losen Slote Creek Park.

Here's a sample:   

On a foggy Sunday morning, I walked the trails of one of the most unique natural places in the Meadowlands, Losen Slote Creek Park.

As I passed through the inimitable woodland habitat and entered a mist filled meadow full of Sumac, Blackberry, and Birches, I could hear a buzzing call that intensified as I entered the picturesque stand of Gray Birch that graces Losen Slote.

As I got closer to the trees, the electric sound got even louder and through the fog I could see masses of tiny birds hanging from the catkins like Christmas ornaments.

Raising my binoculars into the murkiness I could see what I had heard from far back, Redpolls!

The link is here, with photos by Jeff Nicol, including the one above. 


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