American White Pelican, Kearny Marsh

The folks who joined us after today's walk for a chance at a look at the American White Pelican were not disappointed. We had some amazing up-close looks at the bird in flight, on the water, and taking off.

(A big thank you to everyone who has posted sightings of this amzaing bird!)

It was seen around lunchtime in the northwest corner of Gunnell Oval, swimming with a bunch of American Coots. With the marsh mostly frozen over, that it is a good place to check.

More on American White Pelicans here.

5 thoughts on “American White Pelican, Kearny Marsh

  1. Camille

    Wonderful shot!! I have birder friends from Lyndhurst who are now in Florida and are seeing lots of white pelicans there.

  2. Ian Garrison

    Amazing picture! I wish I’d been able to come along to Kearny with the rest of the bird walk–that must have been an awesome sighting.

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