Photographers Showcase: Dennis Cheeseman

Today's Photographers Showcase fatures Dennis Cheeseman. He is a contributor to the blog and to the "The Nature of the Meadowlands" book. Dennis writes:

Whether it is a landscape shot or trying to get a close-up macro, I love nature photography. I work in the Carlstadt area, so come lunch time you can see me wandering around one of the parks getting in my exercise. 

My camera is always with me so as I walk, I love to hunt for the next great shot.  Things change from season to season, birds migrate, flowers bloom and die.  There is always something different, even though you may be in the same spot.   You may see me hiding in the trees trying to get a bird shot or lying on the ground shooting a bug or flower.

My passion for birding started five or six years ago.   During my frequent walks, I began to notice the different varieties of birds that visit the Meadowlands.  I found it amazing what I saw when I really start looking.  From there, my hobby has grown.

Two more pix, a link to Dennis' galleries, and more of Dennis' comments follow. (Thanks, Dennis!)

Black throated green warbler

Taking pictures helps tremendously with identification, one of the most challenging aspects of birding.  It adds some fun to the day reviewing the shots, digging through books, emailing birding buddies (you can never have enough birding friends to help you out) until you can find the right ID.

If you are into nature and birding, this blog is a fantastic place to read what is happening, because once you get into birding, it becomes an addiction to find more and more species.

Whether you’re birding, walking or jogging, get out there and have fun.  Enjoy yourself in this great spot full of variety no matter what time of year you visit.

You can see more of Dennis' photos here:

Hummingbird moth

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