Photographers Showcase: Photographers Wanted!

1-DSCN9945-001When we reviewed the Meadowlands Nature Blog posts from 2012, we realized just how many awesome images we posted from nature photographers.

In an effort to showcase these talents, and to get more folks to appreciate the natural beauty of the Meadowlands, we have started a new feature: "Monday Photographer Showcase."

We invite photographers to send in three of their favorite Meadowlands images, a brief bio, a little squib about why they love photographing here, and a link to their online pages. (A photo of yourself would be great, too!)

Images must be from the Meadowlands, and should be around 150K.

If you don't watermark them, we'll add a copyright for you. Email your photos to, and feel free to suggest ways to make the showcase better.

We'll give it a try, and keep it going for as long as there's interest out there.

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