Golden Plover Continues @ Harrier Meadow

Allan plover1
NJMC ace naturalist Mike Newhouse reports that he saw the American Golden Plover again this morning in Harrier Meadow.

If you are interested in going to Harrier at 12:30 p.m. today with Mike in hopes of seeing the plover, you must call Mike by noon at 410-829-5942. 

The photo of the plover, above, and the two that follow were taken by Alan Sanford on yesterday's NJMC/BCAS walk at Harrier. (Thanks, Allan!)

Allan plover 2

Allan plover 3

One thought on “Golden Plover Continues @ Harrier Meadow

  1. Mike G.

    For those of us who may already have 12:30 appointments scheduled for today, will there be any further opportunities later today or early tomorrow to see the Plover?


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