Meadowlands Snipe!

Snipe allan
Jackie DeMarco reports:

"Last night [Tuesday night] Allan and I drove through the Meadowlands and decided to take a look at the Retention Pond across from the Carillon.

"Normally we just give it a quick once-over but last night we gave it the attention it deserves.

"It was chock-full of amazing birds! We spotted 2 Wilson's Snipes, a Spotted Sandpiper, 4 Palm Warblers and a Northern Waterthrush."

"In addition, we has just come from visiting Clay Ave. pond and spotted 4 Wilson's Snipe (pictured above), Greater Yellowlegs and a Snowy Egret. It was a busy evening for the Meadowlands! We are looking forward to the coming weeks!"

(Thanks, Jackie and Allan!) 

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