Osprey Updates

Allan osprey 3
Allan Sanford writes:

Tuesda night at about 6 o'clock I observed an Osprey on the platform west of the ball fields and north of Valley Brook Avenue.

I decided to watch for a bit. Shortly after this Osprey was joined by another. The pair then went hunting and then brought the fish back to eat. They then moved their eating location to a electric pole. They seemed to be very busy.

The pics are not the best quality but I thought they would be good for documenting their activity. One of the Ospreys went to grab some nesting debris and return to the nest on the platform.

Jackie and I thought this platform would remain empty because of all the construction going on. This is a good thing for the Meadowlands. I watched for an hour and they stayed very busy. You will notice if you've seen this platform that it was completely empty before and now has signs of life.

Thanks, Allan — we'll keep our fingers crossed. Ospreys nested one this platform successfully for the first time last summer. Previous nesting material likely blown away by storms.

Also Dan McDonough reports:

Spent 7 hours on Snake Hill on April 1 and saw an Osprey on the nest on the old swing bridge as well as the Raven chasing a Redtail, again, but then later when we were on top of the hill the 2 Ravens were chasing 3 Osprey as well!

Thanks, Dan!

More of Allan's Osprey photos follow.

Allan osprey 1

Allan osprey 4

Allan osprey 2


2 thoughts on “Osprey Updates

  1. Mike G.

    That Osprey nest on the platform failed last year, so I hope the happy couple have better luck this year!


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