Photography Showcase: Mike Malzone

RTHawkJWToday's showcased photographer is Mike Malzone. Mike writes:

I’m originally from Paterson, (born and raised) so I never knew anything about the Meadowlands ‘til I moved into the area in 1998. 


Even then, I had never explored
the area ‘til just a few years ago.
As I ventured further into my
photographic future, I began
exploring places like DeKorte Park.

After becoming a volunteer at the
park's William McDowell Observatory, I discovered the
Bergen County Audubon Society
and focused my efforts on
wildlife photography.

The closest and most convenient location I found to photograph was less
than one half mile from my art studio in Kearny.


DeKorte Park offers me rare sightings of raptors, water fowl and much,
much more.

When I see beautiful animals like Bald Eagles and Osprey in the area, it
shows me that the NJMC is doing its job well in helping to enforce the
Clean Water Act to our great community.

And for that I say ‘thank you’ – not for me, but for all wildlife throughout
this wonderful state of ours.

Let’s keep it clean, teach the younger generation about ecology and
protect the animals that live under our rule.



One thought on “Photography Showcase: Mike Malzone

  1. Don

    Mike is a great guy who loves and cares for the Meadowlands and its wildlife, everytime we need Mike to help us by taking photos of environmental concerns he is there for us , his only question is “where do you need me and what can I do to help” thanks Mike for all you do !
    Don Torino-Bergen County Audubon Society


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