Ray Duffy’s Laurel Hill Bird Report

Ray Duffy writes:

Last night, I saw two Osprey at Laurel Hill.  One was perched on the electric tower and briefly landed on the bridge nest.  A second Osprey flew in from the west, the one that was there flew out to meet it, I'm not sure if it was courtship or territorial dispute, there was a brief chase where they were obscurred by the bridge.  One returned to the electrical tower, the second continued flying east over Laurel Hill. 

Both ravens are still present at the nesting site.

I had 2 Wilson's Snipe fly out of the area where the Woodcocks usually call from.  I waited until about 8 p.m., when I turned on my lights to leave, I had a third snipe feeding on the lawn in front of my car.

Ray's observations of a likely  leucistic Am. Robin follow. (Thanks, Ray!)

I also had a odd looking robin.  It was probably leusistic as it appeared to have a streak across the back of its wings and back, so when it flight, it almost had a mockingbird's wing bars.  I saw the bird twice, it had a little bit of white spots along the belly as well.  I did double check it to make sure it wasn't a fieldfare, but it was way too orange and the white as in the wrong places.


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