Help the Marsh Hawks!

Pledge sheet-1-page-001Help the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks  in our third annual World Series of Birding competition on May 11.

We will be exploring every woodlot, marsh, and mud flat in Bergen County in search of as many bird species as we can find.

In 2012, we had an amazing day where we counted 139 species, which gave us first place in our category.

This year we need your support so we can defend our title against some strong competition  – and create a better wildlife habitat for birds along the Kingsland Overlook trail in DeKorte Park.

More information — including how to contribute — follows.

This area was hit hard by the strong winds from Hurricane Sandy, and we hope to restore and improve this habitat so we can attract and provide a resource-rich habitat for birds.

Last year, your donations supported the creation of a butterfly garden near the AMVETS Carillon for everyone to enjoy. The butterfly garden looked great last fall in its prime as it attracted several species of butterflies for both viewing and photography opportunities.

Your pledge on the number of species of birds seen by the Marsh Hawks will help support us in creating this important area for birds and for public education. Not only is this trail used as a hiking trail, but the Meadowlands Environment Center brings more than 7,000 school kids along this trail every year. Improving this area will help the Ramapo educators teach children about habitat improvement and avian ecology.

This is how it works: If, say, 130 species are found by the Marsh Hawks and your donation is for $.25 per species, the donation toward the habitat restoration would be $32.50. Or you can just make a lump-sum donation. Donations may be tax-deductible.

After the conclusion of the World Series of Birding, we will send you a complete list of the birds counted and a letter documenting your generous donation.

Thanks for your pledge and your support! 

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Download a pledge sheet here:

Download Pledge sheet

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