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Mill Creek Marsh Walk: The Belated Full List

We had a great walk last Tuesday at Mill Creek Marsh — though it did feel a tad too much like summer.

The walk, sponsored by the Bergen County Audubon Society and the N.J. Meadowlands Commission, featured 34 species of birds — including four species of shorebirds — plus Millie the honey bear pictured above.

She has been hanging out at the marsh for nearly a month, and seems fairly harmless.

 Full list, and a couple more pictures, follow.

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Three Free Guided Walks in June

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Photo from "The Nature of the Meadowlands"

Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission are hosting three free guided walks in June — beginning with our first-ever guided walk along the Secaucus High School Boardwalk this Sunday at 10 a.m.

Other walks include our 4th annual DeKorte Plant Walk with the legendary Edith Wallace (no, we will not be taking any plants for a stroll) on Sunday, June 9, at 10 a.m.

Full info on all three walks follows.

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This Thursday: Hummingbird Documentary in the MEC


Photo by Bill Stripling

The Meadowlands Commission is hosting a special free screening of the documentary "Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air," brought to you by the Bergen County Audubon Society, this Thursday (May 30) at 7 p.m. in the Meadowlands Environment Center auditorium.

The screening will also include information on how to get involved in Audubon’s new citizen science program, Hummingbirds At Home

The Hummingbirds at Home website and smart phone app make it easy and fun for people to keep track of the hummingbirds they see, while collecting data that will help Audubon scientists and researchers increase their understanding of these remarkable birds and of how to protect them.   

In the meantime, this blog would love to post a photo of a hummingbird taken in the Meadowlands if anyone has a good one….

More information on Thursday night's documentary follows.

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Look Out for Snapping Turtles!

This is egg-laying season for turtles, so please be on the lookout.

If you see a Snapping Turtle in the road, please do not try to move it. They bite, and they move much faster at close range than you might think. Never pick one up by the tail — could damage their spine.

Ron Shields took the photo above — always a nice result when Ron and wildlife see eye to eye. (Thanks, Ron!)