Tuesday Teaser 052813: Where in the Meadowlands?

Canada clayChris Takacs took this shot of everyone's fave fowl.

Where did he take the photo, and what is the structure?

(Thanks, Chris!)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 052813: Where in the Meadowlands?

  1. Laura

    Hi Jim, I wanted to report that there was a big Walmart shopping cart along with beer bottles along the path in the Mill Creek Marsh trail in Secaucus this morning 5/28. I believe that this is the second time that this incident has occurred. I feel very upset since there are many of good people who go out of their way to volunteer to keep the area clean. The cart is located on the left of the path after the first split in the beginning of the trail. Maybe someone can help in removing the cart and bottles. Thank you so much for your help. Regards, Laura


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