First-Ever DeKorte Hackberry Emperor (TWKO*)

August 6_Butterfly-Hackberry EmperorSM_6532

Last week, we posted a Regina Geoghan pic of a butterfly we couldn’t ID.  Steve Buckingham has come to the rescue.

Looks like a Hackberry Emperor. I see them each year out at the Water Gap, High Point or the Appalachian Trail.  Seems kind of unusual to see one in the Meadowlands since they are typically forest dwellers.

(Thanks, Steve, and thanks, Regina for the new pic above).

*TWKO (that we know of.)

2 thoughts on “First-Ever DeKorte Hackberry Emperor (TWKO*)

  1. edith wallace

    Hackberry trees bring hackberry emperor butterflies. This is evidence that the hackberries in De Korte are feeding pale green hackberry emperor caterpillars.

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