Red-spotted Purple at DeKorte

August 20_Butterfly Red-spotted PurpleSM_RTGeoghan_7512

Regina Geoghan reports:

Saw this guy on the butterfly bush by the building entrance just as I was leaving on Tuesday.

I was only there a short time since there were no butterflies in sight other than an Eastern Tiger S.

This one was very chewed up but I took a few shots just for a record to note that he came to visit.   I think it is a Red-spotted Purple.  (Thanks, Regina! This could be a first, at least in recent years…)

One thought on “Red-spotted Purple at DeKorte

  1. Jill Homcy

    Nice! I was there after work yesterday and saw a black swallowtail, some monarchs, a few dusky wings, skippers and a sad faded looking red admiral missing the back end of both wings. And the ever-present hummingbird moths were out in abundance.


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