Seek (& Photograph) Banded Peregrines

Mike Girone writes:

A quick note to report another banded juvie Peregrine in the Meadowlands (DeKorte’s Saw MIll Creek trail, seen Saturday afternoon, 8-17).

This bird has a silver federal band with a strip of blue tape on it, and a black-over-green auxilary band.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get numbers off the aux. band, and unsure if it’s a male or female.

I also had another banded juvie Peregrine earlier in the afternoon, that I suspect might be the male from the Bayonne Bridge that you photographed last month in Carlstadt (have to check photos, got a partial band-read).

A 3rd juvie, unbanded, was seen toward dusk.

I’ll put together a more detailed report (these juvies flew their tails off all afternoon, chasing prey from Harrier Meadow to Disposal Rd. and in-between, with Saw Mill Creek trail as the launching point), and will create another gallery on Flickr.

Might not be till mid-week though. (Thanks, Mike!)

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