Tuesday Teaser 082713






It’s not It everyday that you see eye to eye with this bird. What is it? (Photographed in DeKorte Park in mid-August.)

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 082713

  1. A. DiGregorio

    since you said its not everyday that you come eye to eye with it could it be a juvenile yellow crowned night heron since its less common?

  2. Mimi Sabatino

    I would agree with A. DiGregorio, yellow or possible black crown juvenile
    At first I thought possible a purple finch, but the eyes….a give away….

  3. Michael Turso

    I’d say yellow-crowned night-heron…the yellow extends past the eye on the BCNH, on this is goes only to the eye. Also is that the little feathers I see on top? That could indicate they’re going to grow into the “crown” of the YCNH.

  4. Mike G.

    I have never seen a YCNH as far inland as Dekorte Park: I have only seen them much further to the east, generally at Anderson Marsh or in those environs just off the river. Yet, to me it is clearly a night heron eye. So I bet juvie BCNH.


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