Big Year Winner Ray Duffy: His Full List


Ray Duffy receives his First Place award from Don Torino of the BCAS

Ray Duffy, the overall winner in the Meadowlands 2013 Big Year contest, received his plaque from Bergen County Audubon Society last night from BCAS president Don Torino. (

The BCAS donated $220 in Ray’s name to the Meadowlands Commission for the purchase of native plants. (Thanks, BCAS!)

An interview with Ray and the other Meadowlands Big Year winner, Dennis Cheeseman, will appear in the South Bergenite next week, and we will post it here as well.

Ray’s full list of 187 birds follows. (Again, Congratulations, Ray!)

Gadwall          Losen-Slote    1/1

Mallard           Losen-Slote    1/1

Northern Shoveler      Losen-Slote    1/1

Green-winged Teal     Losen-Slote    1/1

Lesser Scaup   Losen-Slote    1/1

Hooded Merganser     Losen-Slote    1/1

Common Merganser   Losen-Slote    1/1

Ruddy Duck    Losen-Slote    1/1

Double-crested Cormorant     Losen-Slote    1/1

Herring Gull   Losen-Slote    1/1

Great Black-backed Gull        Losen-Slote    1/1

Hairy Woodpecker     Losen-Slote    1/1

Blue Jay          Losen-Slote    1/1

American Crow          Losen-Slote    1/1

Common Raven          Losen-Slote    1/1

Tufted Titmouse         Losen-Slote    1/1

White-breasted Nuthatch       Losen-Slote    1/1

Carolina Wren            Losen-Slote    1/1

Nothern Mockingbird Losen-Slote    1/1

European Starling       Losen-Slote    1/1

Fox Sparrow   Losen-Slote    1/1

Song Sparrow Losen-Slote    1/1

Dark-eyed Junco         Losen-Slote    1/1

American Goldfinch   Losen-Slote    1/1

Mourning Dove          Little Ferry     1/1

Northern Cardinal      Little Ferry     1/1

Red-tailed hawk         Valley Brook  1/1

Red-winged Blackbird           Valley Brook  1/1

Canada Goose Disposal Rd    1/1

Northern harrier         Disposal Rd    1/1

American Tree Sparrow         Disposal Rd    1/1

Barn Owl        North Arlington          1/1

House Sparrow           Ray’s House    1/3

Rock Pigeon   Secaucus         1/3

Wilson’s Snipe            Disposal Rd    1/3

Downy Woodpecker   Disposal Rd    1/3

Belted Kingfisher       Valley Brook  1/3

Great Blue Heron       Valley Brook  1/4

Long-eared Owl          Lyndhurst       1/8

Red-bellied Woodpecker       Mom’s Yard    1/12

Black-crowned Night-heron   Laurel Hill      1/12

Great Egret     Kearny Marsh 1/12

Killdeer           Ray’s House    1/15

Ring-billed Gull         Clay Ave Marsh         1/17

House Finch    Chubb Ave      1/17

Cooper’s Hawk           Losen-Slote    1/21

Northern Flicker         Losen-Slote    1/21

Black-capped Chickadee        Losen-Slote    1/21

Barnacle Goose          Lincoln Park West      1/22

American Kestrel       Disposal Rd    1/26

Merlin Disposal Rd    1/26

American Pipit           Disposal Rd    1/26

Bufflehead      Laurel Hill      1/26

Canvasback     Laurel Hill      1/26

Horned Lark   Laurel Hill      1/26

White-throated Sparrow         Mom’s Yard    1/26

American Coot           Mill Creek Point         1/26

Savannah Sparrow      Mill Creek Point         1/26

Red-breasted Nuthatch           Schmidt’s Woods        1/26

White-winged Crossbill         Losen-Slote    1/27

American White Pelican        Kearny Marsh 2/2

Fish Crow       Kearny Marsh 2/2

White-crowned Sparrow        Disposal Rd    2/2

Eastern Meadowlark  Valley Brook  2/2

Bald Eagle      Losen-Slote    2/2

Monk Parakeet           Hendricks Causeway  2/10

Rough-legged Hawk   Disposal Rd    2/10

Snow Bunting Valley Brook  2/10

Lapland Longspur      Valley Brook  2/10

Swamp Sparrow         Valley Brook  2/10

Mute Swan      Laurel Hill      2/13

Great Cormorant        Laurel Hill      2/13

Ring-necked Pheasant            Valley Brook  2/14

Common Grackle       Mom’s Yard    2/16

American Black Duck            DeKorte          2/22

Wood Duck     Losen-Slote    2/26

American Robin         Losen-Slote    2/26

Northern Pintail          Disposal          3/2

Turkey Vulture           Lyndhurst       3/2

Peregrine Falcon        Laurel Hill      3/3

American Woodcock  Laurel hill       3/3

Boat-tailed Grackle    Lincoln Park West      3/16

Winter Wren   Schmidt’s Woods        3/16

Brown-headed Cowbird         Schmidt’s Woods        3/16

Red-breasted Merganser        Laurel Hill      3/16

Yellow-rumped Warbler        Disposal Rd    3/19

Osprey Laurel Hill      3/21

Red-necked Grebe      West Hudson Park      3/24

Eastern Phoebe           Schmidt’s Woods        3/29

Brown Creeper           Kearny Marsh 3/30

Greater Yellowlegs    Harrier Meadow         3/30

Tree Swallow  Mill Creek Marsh       3/30

Field Sparrow Disposal Rd    4/2

American Wigeon      Mill Creek Marsh       4/5

Snowy Egret   Mill Creek Marsh       4/5

Hermit Thrush            Schmidt’s Woods        4/7

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker      Schmidt’s Woods        4/7

Barn Swallow DeKorte          4/8

Blue-winged Teal       DeKorte          4/8

Northern Rough-winged Swallow      Disposal Rd    4/8

Golden-crowned Kinglet        Schmidt’s Woods        4/9

Eastern Towhee          Schmidt’s Woods        4/9

Palm Warbler Schmidt’s Woods        4/9

Ruby-crowned Kinglet           DeKorte          4/11

Spotted Sandpiper      DeKorte          4/11

American Golden-plover       DeKorte          4/17

Horned Grebe DeKorte          4/17

Green Heron   DeKorte          4/17

Brown Thrasher          DeKorte          4/17

Black-and-white Warbler       Schmidts         4/28

Forster’s Tern Mill Creek Point         4/28

Yellow Warbler          DeKorte Park  5/2

Orchard Oriole           DeKorte Park  5/2

Gray Catbird   DeKorte Park  5/2

Least Sandpiper          Mill Creek Marsh       5/3

Dunlin Mill Creek Marsh       5/3

Northern Parula          Schmidt’s Woods        5/4

Chipping Sparrow      Schmidt’s Woods        5/4

House Wren    Schmidt’s Woods        5/5

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher           Schmidt’s Woods        5/5

Marsh Wren    Mill Creek Point         5/5

Clapper Rail   Mill Creek Point         5/5

Common Yellowthroat           DeKorte Park  5/6

Baltimore Oriole        DeKorte Park  5/6

Yellow-crowned Night-heron            Harmon Cove 5/7

Chimney Swift           Mill Creek Marsh       5/9

Warbling Vireo          Mill Creek Marsh       5/9

Prairie Warbler           Chubb Ave      5/9

Solitary Sandpiper      Schmidt’s Woods        5/9

Ovenbird         Schmidt’s Woods        5/9

Black-throated Green Warbler           Schmidt’s Woods        5/9

Blue-winged Warbler Schmidt’s Woods        5/9

Veery  Schmidt’s Woods        5/9

Red-eyed Vireo          Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Wood Thrush  Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Northern Waterthrush            Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

American Redstart     Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Magnolia Warbler      Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Black-throated Blue Warbler Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Canada Warbler          Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Scarlet Tanager          Schmidt’s Woods        5/10

Swainson’s Thrush      Losen-Slote    5/11

Semipalmated Plover Harrier Meadow         5/11

Lesser Yellowlegs      Harrier Meadow         5/11

Semipalmated Sandpiper       Harrier Meadow         5/11

Short-billed Dowitcher          Harrier Meadow         5/11

Red Phalarope Harrier Meadow         5/11

Common Nighthawk  North Arlington          5/11

Cedar Waxwing          Ray’s Apartment         5/12

Least Flycatcher         Schmidt’s Woods        5/12

Chestnut-sided Warbler         Schmidt’s Woods        5/12

Rose-breasted Grosbeak         Schmidt’s Woods        5/12

Blue-headed Vireo     Schmidt’s Woods        5/15

Cape May Warbler     Schmidt’s Woods        5/15

Blackburnian Warbler            Schmidt’s Woods        5/16

Lincoln’s Sparrow      DeKorte Park  5/16

Eastern Wood-Pewee Schmidt’s Woods        5/20

Willow Flycatcher      Disposal Rd    5/21

Indigo Bunting            Disposal Rd    5/21

Blackpoll Warbler      Schuyler Ave  5/22

Brant   DeKorte          5/27

Grasshopper Sparrow Valley Brook Baseball Fields            5/29

Great Crested Flycatcher       Schmidt’s Woods        5/31

Dickcissel       Disposal Rd    6/8

Black Skimmer           Clay Avenue Marsh    6/18

Eastern Kingbird        Barge Club      6/23

Blue Grosbeak            Disposal Rd    6/23

White-rumped Sandpiper       DeKorte Park  7/20

Laughing Gull DeKorte Park  8/4

Caspian Tern  DeKorte Park  8/10

Broad-winged Hawk   DeKorte Park  8/10

Bobolink         Mill Creek Marsh       8/30

Sora     DeKorte Park  9/13

Ruby-throated Hummingbird DeKorte Park  9/14

Pied-billed Grebe       DeKorte Park  9/28

Pine Warbler  DeKorte Park  10/2

Nelson’s Sparrow        Mill Creek Marsh       10/6

American Avocet       Clay Ave Marsh         10/19

Vesper Sparrow          Harrier Meadow         11/3

Sharp-shinned Hawk  Losen-Slote    11/3

Hudsonian Godwit      Mill Creek Marsh       11/5

Clay-colored Sparrow            Mill Creek Marsh       11/17

Great Horned Owl      Schmidt’s Woods        11/29

Redhead          DeKorte Park  12/14

Orange-crowned Warbler       Mill Creek Marsh       12/21

Short-eared Owl         Disposal Rd    12/21

Snowy Owl     Valley Brooke Ave     12/21


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