DeKorte Report: Snowy Owl, Bald Eagles

1-IMG_5169Had a report over the weekend of a Snowy Owl out on the ice on the Saw Mill Mudflats at DeKorte Park.  A Snowy (perhaps the same one) was seen flying over DeKorte late yesterday afternoon.

Did not see any Snowys on the ice at DeKorte today, but did see two distant Bald Eagles around noon at the back of  the Saw Mill Mudflats, above (we did say they were distant) — visible from the Transco Trail and from the start of the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve.

A photographer said he had seen four eagles just a bit earlier at that same location.

It’s obvious but bears repeating: Folks looking for the eagles or owl should stay on trail. Do not even think about venturing onto the ice. It is extremely dangerous.

One thought on “DeKorte Report: Snowy Owl, Bald Eagles

  1. Jill

    There are definitely a few more eagles in the area. I haven’t seen any this week but a couple of days last week I saw at least 2 or 3 juvies flying over the water just north of Laurel Hill Park and from other points along Meadowlands Parkway, midday during my lunch breaks.


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