Snowy Owl Continues @ DeKorte

CO7O9734A Snowy Owl is out on the ice once again at DeKorte Park today, about halfway out the Transco Trail on the Saw Mill Creek Tidal Impoundment. Park in the parking lot by the solar car canopy (second building on left).

Be aware that at present the owl is distant. It may become more active later.

Ray Gilbert shared the shot at left, from yesterday, after the owl became active and moved closer to shore. (Thanks, Ray!)

Please keep a respectful distance and, if the owl appears agitated, retreat. Do not even think of going on the iceĀ  — way too dangerous. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Snowy Owl Continues @ DeKorte

  1. John on Chubb Ave

    I didn’t see the owl but the Merlin was on the electric tower near where the Saw Mill Creek trail makes a tee about 1:50.


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