DeKorte Park & Disposal Road Advisories

The Meadowlands Commission is doing its best to keep DeKorte Park’s Trails and Disposal Road open to the public despite the snowy conditions, but we are concerned about your safety.

In DeKorte Park:

Use common sense. Do not go out on the ice — these are tidal mudflats,  never safe for humans.DSCN9579

Do not go up on the embankment (berm) on the Transco Trail for a “better” look. It is snow-covered and potentially slippery. Stay on the trail at all times.

Do not climb over gates or barriers to trespass on closed trails.  Do not harrass the owls.

Note: If trail conditions become slippery, the Commission may need to close the trails.

DSCN9582-001On Disposal Road:

Do not park on any curve.

Pull your vehicle to the side of the road as much as possible.

Look out for vehicles whenever you are near or in the roadway.

If you see folks breaking the rules, please ask them to stop. We appreciate your cooperation.

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