MEC Will Be Closed on Weekends

Beginning on Saturday, March 1, the P1080747Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park will be closed on weekends except for scheduled nature walks and other programs.

Please use restroom facilities before visiting the park.

3 thoughts on “MEC Will Be Closed on Weekends

  1. Edna Duffy

    EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED! Unfortunate and unnecessary. Many working people and students visit DeKorte on weekends. Your mission is to provide more access to nature, not less. Perhaps you should close the center for two weekdays and leave it open on the weekend.

    Is this because of cost? Are you considering outdoor bathroom facilities, with running water and flushing toilets like Avalon.

    Just another assult on the Meadowlands.

    Edna Duffy

  2. Garry Annibal

    Just found out today that the MEC will be closed on weekends. Has the Commission given a reason? What, if any, are the financial savings compared to the loss of support for Commission activities that will result from this very visible decision? Is there an effort being made to change the Commission’s mind? Would a letter or phone campaign help?


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