Disposal Road Swallow Trifecta

2-Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

Steve Buckingham reports:

I got an early preview this past Saturday on Disposal Road of the Swallow Madness at DeKorte that I look forward to each year in late April/early May.

Dozens of Barn, Tree and Rough-wing swallows were soaring and swooping in the high winds right at the curve in the road, at the eastern end of the retention pond where we usually congregate for raptors in the winter, and over the surface of the retention pond.

It was a fun challenge to try to photograph these speedy daredevils in flight.  Attached is a trifecta of the three species.  When I returned on Sunday afternoon, the Barns and Rough-wings were gone, and only a small number of Trees remained, sticking to the pond area inside the fence.

(Thanks, Steve!)

2 thoughts on “Disposal Road Swallow Trifecta

  1. Mary

    I am convinced that it would be very possible to make artificial nests for Rough Winged Swallows by placing 3 to 4 inch Clay Pipes in strategic locations. I was working in Fair Lawn NJ at a yellow brick one story building with a drainage pipe from the roof that left the building at about 1 foot off the ground. A pair of Rough Winged Swallows made a nest in it, Unfortunately the building maintenance folks decided to cover the pipe with a screen before eggs were laid. They had a theory that the nest would block the drainage or the birds would drown in the case of a heavy downpour. I actually thought they were bank swallows until someone pointed out that Rough winged are more likely to build in a man made structure. Researching further I found a pair of Rough Winged had made a nest in a cannon somewhere in PA. Wouldn’t that be neat to attract Rough winged by placing clay pipes? I’m not sure what else would choose a 4 inch pipe 1 foot off the ground as a nesting spot. Mary

  2. Jim Wright

    Intriguing idea. I have passed your idea along. I know that Tree Swallows at the Celery Farm nest in PVC tubes.

    Thank you.


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