Archival Secaucus Pig Farm Pix


A photograph of the old Himsel farm.

Pamela Jackson of Mahwah saw one of our blog posts about the old days of Secaucus and wanted to share some family photos of the days when her ancestors lived in town.

She writes:

“My Great Grandfather, John Himsel, had a pig farm off of Penhorn Road in Secaucus.  I have amazing photos of what that area looked like before the Turnpike and the population expanded in that area (circa, 1920s).

“My Great Aunt told me that the Penhorn Creek was so clear that you could see the fish swimming close to the bottom at some distance from the shoreline.”

(Thanks, Pamela!)

More pix follow.

Tomorrow: An old newspaper clipping about a two-headed pig in Secaucus.

One thought on “Archival Secaucus Pig Farm Pix

  1. Narrator Jack

    Here are some historical maps that you can zoom in on. Many property owners’ names are visible, especially on larger lots.

    Hudson County 1909
    Hudson County 1934

    Bergen County 1876
    Bergen County 1912 1
    Bergen County 1912 2


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