Coolest Wasp Ever?

NAT_6271Last week, we posted a photo of a Cicada Killer, a wasp that preys on (you guessed it) Cicadas.

At Butterfly Day, folks witnessed a wasp dragging a spider all the way across the road, for similar nefarious motives — and managed to get photos of same. Good times again.

According to Bergen County Audubon Society’s bug consultant, Hadel Go, this gal “looks like┬áTachypompilus ferrugineus,” a spider wasp (aptly named, though “spider killer” might be better if she wanted to jazz up her image).

More on this wasp here.

Natalie Gregorio took the above photo of the wasp in action. Roy Woodford took the photo below. (Thanks, Hadel, Natalie and Roy!)

wasp dragging spider roy

4 thoughts on “Coolest Wasp Ever?

  1. Patrick Carney

    Very unusual spider too.. Looks like something from Agelenopsis, but I can’t find a perfect match. I’ve never seen one with such bold markings on the abdomen.

    1. Jim Wright Post author

      I believe both the spider and the wasp are from DeKorte, not Agelenopsis — which, last time I checked, is not even in the Meadowlands. :- )


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