Help ID This Goose!


Saw this guy on a boat trip last week. Snow Goose? Some sort of domestic? Didn’t quite resemble anything in our field guides. We welcome your input!

3 thoughts on “Help ID This Goose!

  1. Ray Duffy

    I caught this guy at Anderson Creek when looking for the pelican last week. I’ve also gotten questions about this bird. I’m guessing it’s got to be some domestic or hybrid domestic, a snow goose isn’t as big as a Canada and this guy is at least as big if not bigger than the Canada.

  2. Ethan Dropkin

    It might be a Leucistic Canada Goose. Genetic anomalies like this do occur but are rare. It’s a really cool bird regardless!

  3. Dan

    It strikes me as a domestic form of (or hybrid of) Bar-headed Goose, an Asian species. No doubt it it is of Bar-headed parentage its an escapee. The proportions don’t strike me as CAGO (as in a leucistic CAGO), but then who know!


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