New Torino Column: No Bad Birds

blue birdDon Torino of Bergen County Audubon Society, who is a leader on many of our regular walks, also writes a weekly column for

His latest is on “good birds vs. bad birds.” Here’s a sample:

There are those folks that go into their backyards and attempt to chase off hawks that may want to prey upon their favorite little “good” birds that are attracted to their birdfeeders.

Aside from looking like a crazy person to the neighbors by waving a broom in the air, it is illegal to harass a raptor or any bird for that matter. After all, like you and me, it is just trying to make a living and isn’t that why they call them birdfeeders anyway?

Aren’t we really just providing a different kind of bird food? And as for those so-called “good” birds, just about all of them eat those beautiful butterflies that we all love.


Here’s the link.

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