Sunday’s Walk: The Full List

DSCN9944We had a wonderful Sunday walk, with lots of congenial people and lots of excellent sightings, including: Least Bittern, American White Pelican, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Ospreys,DSCN9969 Orchard Orioles, warblers, and more.

The walk culminated with a quick stop at Jill’s Garden, where we saw Monarchs, Silver-spotted Skippers, Peck’s skipper, Broad-winged Skipper, Eastern Tiger  Swallowtail, Black Swallowtail, Red Admiral and Snowberry Clearwing Moth.

Full list follows.

Richard W. DeKorte Park, Bergen, US-NJ
Aug 3, 2014 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Protocol: Traveling
1.0 mile(s)
Comments:     first sunday walk with NJMC and BCAS

American White Pelican 1     29th day in a row. Yeah, baby!
Least Bittern XDSCN9952
Great Blue Heron X
Great Egret X
Snowy Egret X
Osprey X
Bald Eagle X
Killdeer X
Greater Yellowlegs X
Lesser Yellowlegs X
Least Sandpiper X
Semipalmated Sandpiper X
Ring-billed Gull X
Herring Gull X
Great Black-backed Gull X
Caspian Tern 1     seen by many
Forster’s Tern X
Mourning Dove X
Peregrine Falcon X
flycatcher sp. X
American Crow X
Tree Swallow X
Barn Swallow X
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher X
American Robin X
Gray Catbird X
Northern Mockingbird X
European Starling X
Common Yellowthroat X
Yellow Warbler X
Northern Cardinal X
Red-winged Blackbird X
Common Grackle X
Orchard Oriole X
American Goldfinch X
House Sparrow X


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